Validate your idea in seconds with our agile competitive intelligence toolkit.

Our AI helps you break new ground faster and better by conducting an unprecedented patent search, smoking out your competition, and flagging any potential overlaps.


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Is my idea unique?

Our AI conducts a one-of-a-kind patent search based on the characteristics of your idea and identifies related patents and published applications.

What competitors should I be worried about?

Use our unique "Look-Alike" search to uncover who is patenting in your area, flag potential overlaps, and monitor competitor behavior.

Select what you want to export from our findings — including metrics, patents, competitors, and annotations!

Start your search and validate your idea in seconds!

24+ years of experience

Our CEO and founder, Dr. D’vorah Graeser, has relentlessly supported innovators for the last two decades. Through our sister company, KISSPatent, she has worked with tons of innovators providing idea protection services and advice regarding their business model, market, and strategy. KISSPlatform goes a step further — our AI-based agile competitive intelligence will give innovators the mechanism they desperately need to break new ground faster and better.

Dr. D'vorah Graeser — Founder and CEO

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Instant Results

Search and get results immediately to conserve your most precious assets, time and money. No need to wait for an email, no need to hop on a call, no wasted time at all. Results without delay.

Personalized Search

Our unmatched search is tailored to your idea in particular. Your results are uniquely yours, based completely on your description. Keyword search is old fashioned and obsolete.

On Demand

iSearch is available when you are. Knuckle down whenever you want, on your on time, even if that means late at night, weekends, or holidays. Control your time and use it to your advantage.

Real AI Analysis of Your Idea With Real Metrics

Select what you want to export from our findings — including metrics, competitor search, look-alike patent search, and more. Reach actual conclusions to validate your idea, innovate rapidly, and launch.


Validate your business idea in seconds.

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